Eyes Through a Hole

This is my blog. Please wipe your shoes before you come in.

My name is Austin and I am an 18 year old anti-socialite male who very much enjoys the 90's. I dabble in many things; guitar, bass, photography, writing, drawing, and painting. I also have literally the most amazing girlfriend that will ever exist. Her name is Bhavini aka bossytrousers (theres a link somewhere) and she is the reason I wake up happy in the morning. She is all that matters in my life. She is so beautiful, and nice, and HILARIOUS. I love her with all my heart

Hey you! Do you like Disneyland and/or fashion? Well, this is the video for youuuuuuuu. Amazing outfits, and bad ass music ugh check it out

Can’t get enough of that outfit tho



I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: CLOSET LIQUIDATION. ( #poshmark #fashion #shopping #shopmycloset

Help her out people! Her style is impeccable. you wont be disappointed